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Términos y Condiciones conozco sus deberes y derechos

LlamayAhorra. Terms of Services:

The acceptance of this Terms of Service Agreement (Agreement) constitutes a contract between LlamayAhorra. ("Company”, “we," "us" or "LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ”) and the customer ("you," "user" or "Customer") for enhanced data service(s) (Service). Customer and LLAMAYAHORRA.COM are collectively referred to herein as the "Parties". By ordering the Service, you acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and understand and accept the conditions. Furthermore, you represent that you are of legal age and mind to enter into this Agreement and become bound by its terms.


The terms used in this Agreement shall have their normal or common meaning or the meaning as defined in the text hereof, except that the following terms shall have the following meanings for the purpose of this Agreement:

Agreement "Agreement" shall mean this Master Service Agreement, including any schedules, appendices, tariffs, and documents attached hereto and made a part hereof, or incorporated herein by reference as well as any written amendments to this Agreement which have been signed by the authorized representatives of the Parties.

Service "Service" shall mean LLAMAYAHORRA.COM provided enhanced data service(s), as further described and / or specifically identified on the Service Order. Enhanced data service(s) is subject to different regulatory treatment than telephone service. This treatment may limit or otherwise affect your rights of redress before Federal and State telecommunications regulatory agencies.

Service Order "Service Order" shall mean any applicable service ordering form provided by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM and entered into by the Parties pursuant to this Agreement.

Network "Network" shall mean the data network of one of the Parties, as the context of the provision requires or as contemplated under this Agreement.

On-Net Services "On-Net Services" shall mean those Services which connect two (2) locations served by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Network. On-Net Services are provided entirely by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM .

Off-Net Services "Off-Net Services" are those where one or both locations to be connected are not served by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Network and therefore a portion of the Services is provided by another service provider.

Emergency Maintenance "Emergency Maintenance" shall mean maintenance which, if not accomplished promptly by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM , could result in a serious degradation or loss of Service to the Customer or the End User or damage to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Network or its customers.

Planned Service Outage "Planned Service Outage" shall mean any service outage caused by scheduled maintenance or planned enhancements or upgrades to the LLAMAYAHORRA.COM Network.

End User "End User" shall mean a user to whom Customer will provide Services utilizing, in part, the Services provided by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to Customer under this Agreement.


Service Order and Services LLAMAYAHORRA.COM shall provide to Customer the Service(s) Customer has specifically contracted for on the applicable Service Order. The Parties may add other Services to this Agreement by entering into additional Service Orders.

VoIP Origination Service Voice over Internet Protocol Origination ("VoIP Origination") is a Service that allows calls originating from the public switched telephone network ("PSTN") in various markets to access the Customer through LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Network using direct inward dial ("DID") numbers either provided by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to Customer or ported to Customer using local number portability ("LNP"). Customer understands and agrees that LLAMAYAHORRA.COM shall have no liability whatsoever associated with Customer's use of the public Internet for access to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's VoIP Origination Service or otherwise, including without limitation with respect to any failure, delay, loss of data or other damages or losses.


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee If for any reason Customer is not completely satisfied with Service within 30 days from the date payment is received for the initial Service Order, Customer may cancel Service and a credit or refund will be issued. Customer will be responsible for paying all charges that are incurred during the refund period. The credit or refund will be issued in the manner in which payment was made or via company check. The manner of refund will be at the sole discretion of LLAMAYAHORRA.COM .


Term and Renewal -

The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date this Agreement is accepted by Customer, and shall terminate one (1) year thereafter. Thereafter, this Agreement shall be automatically renewed in successive one-year periods unless terminated by written notice by one of the Parties at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of the initial term or renewal period.

Termination -

If Customer wishes to terminate Service for any reason, or not to renew such Service, Customer shall provide LLAMAYAHORRA.COM with written notice addressed to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM at such location or in such manner as LLAMAYAHORRA.COM has defined within this document. Such notice must be provided in writing and provide a full thirty (30) days’ notice prior to the end of the current term of this Agreement. Termination of Service by any form of communications or means other than as provided in this document, Section 19, shall not be effective and Customer shall remain obligated to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM for all Services rendered. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer may be liable for early termination charges upon termination of Service.


Customer shall pay the recurring and non-recurring rates and charges and the usage charges set forth herein and/or in the Service Orders beginning on the Service start date without deduction, setoff or delay for any reason. Customer agrees to pay for the Services, by credit card, paypal, checks or electronic funds transfer, by the 15th of each calendar month. Customers may also elect to enroll in LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Automatic Payment Program as a method of providing monthly invoice payments. Online orders are automatically enrolled in the Automatic Payment Program. Restrictive endorsements or statements on checks accepted by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM will not be binding upon LLAMAYAHORRA.COM . Monthly recurring charges are billed in advance while usage and related charges are billed in arrears. The Parties shall provide one another with reasonably requested information for bill verification.

Except for amounts in dispute, interest (late fee) not to exceed 3% monthly may be charged on any outstanding balance not paid by the bill due date. If the interest rate set out above exceeds the maximum rate allowable by law, then the interest chargeable shall be equal to the maximum rate allowed by law. Customer agrees to reimburse LLAMAYAHORRA.COM for any costs incurred as a result of any collection activity, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs, unless otherwise prohibited by law. Customer authorizes LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to request information from a reporting agency to enable LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to assess Customer's credit history. Customer agrees that such action is not the extension of "credit" to Customer and further agrees that LLAMAYAHORRA.COM , in its sole discretion, may alter any billing arrangements as a result of such report or upon determination of a change in Customer's financial circumstances. Customer agrees that at any time during and upon two (2) business days’ notice, LLAMAYAHORRA.COM may require Customer to wire transfer a deposit or submit another form of security acceptable to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM if it reasonably deems itself insecure with respect to Customer's ability to pay (e.g. if Customer has failed to pay any invoice when due, or if there is a material change in circumstances of Customer's actual or anticipated usage hereunder or Customer's financial condition). Failure by Customer to comply with such requirement by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM may result in Service suspension or termination.

If Customer disputes any invoice, Customer shall notify LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's Billing Department in writing, providing the account number, any trouble ticket number and an explanation for the dispute and shall nevertheless pay the affected invoice by the payment due date, provided that Customer may withhold payment of the amount in good faith dispute. LLAMAYAHORRA.COM will investigate the dispute and in its discretion exercised in good faith, may require additional supporting documentation or reject Customer's claim as inadequate. No charges may be disputed more than thirty (30) days after the date such charges are invoiced, and if not disputed within that time, all such charges shall be deemed valid and undisputed by Customer. Payment shall not prejudice Customer's right to dispute charges, so long as they are disputed in good faith in the manner and within the timeframes specified in this section. The Parties will cooperate in good faith to resolve any such disputes within a thirty (30) day period after the dispute is submitted to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM . If the dispute is not resolved during this period, then either Party may seek resolution of the dispute in accordance with Section 17.

Billing disputes under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered by overnight courier (e.g., Federal Express, DHL) or certified mail, return receipt requested to the following address or via electronic mail (to the e-mail address provided below) and such dispute shall be effective on the date of receipt by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM :

LlamayAhorra Attention: Billing Department

E-mail: billing (at) LlamayAhorra

If a disputed amount is determined by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to be a legitimate charge, the Customer agrees make payment of the amount due within five (5) business days of such determination.

If Customer does not make payment of all invoiced charges in accordance with the provisions herein by the applicable due date, LLAMAYAHORRA.COM may, at its option and without notice, refuse to accept additional Service Orders; suspend any and all Service provided under this Agreement and/or any other service agreement until Customer has paid all past due; offset such unpaid balances from any amounts that LLAMAYAHORRA.COM owes to Customer under any other agreement between the Parties. Following suspension of Services for non-payment, LLAMAYAHORRA.COM is not required to reinstate Services to Customer until Customer has paid, in full, all charges then due, including any late fees, interest charges, collection costs and any cost of reinstating Services and Customer provides to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM satisfactory assurance as requested by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM (such as a deposit) of Customer's ability to pay for Services for the remainder of the applicable Service term. If Customer fails to timely cure the non-payment within the timeframe specified by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM , Customer will be deemed to have terminated the affected Services as of the effective date of Service suspension. Termination, hereunder, for non-payment shall be treated as early termination by Customer subject to early termination charges and LLAMAYAHORRA.COM may offset respective payments by first applying such amounts owed by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to the full balance due from Customer and the remaining amounts owed by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM , if any, will be remitted in the normal course of business.


LLAMAYAHORRA.COM reserves the right to terminate the Services, or any portion thereof, upon a breach of any of these terms of use by Customer. Upon termination, LLAMAYAHORRA.COM will be entitled to immediately cease providing Services. Notwithstanding termination, the provisions that, by their nature survive termination will continue to apply.


Customer shall not dispute any charges or withhold payment on the basis that Fraudulent Calls or Artificially Inflated Traffic comprised a portion of the traffic volume. Customer shall be responsible for all charges associated with any Fraudulent Calls and Artificially Inflated Traffic. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to take immediate action to block any Fraudulent Calls and Artificially Inflated Traffic. For purposes of this Agreement, “Fraudulent Calls” shall include, but not be limited to, deliberate exploitation of systemic errors in LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s routing system. For purposes of this Agreement, “Artificially Inflated Traffic” means any activity which: (i) has the effect, intended effect or likely effect of preventing LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s billing system from capturing any necessary billing information (in relation to the conveyance of a call); (ii) causes incorrect billing by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s billing system, or of an associated party; (iii) any situation where any person or entity is misled into making, receiving or prolonging calls; or(iv) is determined by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM , in its sole and absolute discretion, to be bad faith usage of the Services. In the event Fraudulent Calls and/or Artificially Inflated Traffic causes LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to be charged more by its terminating partners than the rate(s) quoted by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM to Customer, then in addition to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s right to seek all remedies available to it at law or in equity, LLAMAYAHORRA.COM reserves the right to re-rate all such traffic at the higher termination rate for the destination(s) in question and Customer agrees to pay all such re-rated charges.


Customer understands and acknowledges that LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s 911 emergency Service has certain limitations and works differently when compared to traditional 911 emergency services. LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s 911 emergency Service limitations and the way LLAMAYAHORRA.COM deploys its 911 emergency Service may make LLAMAYAHORRA.COM unsuitable to some users. You should carefully evaluate LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's 911 emergency Service limitations when deciding to activate LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s Service. You agree and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to select a 911 emergency service provider best suited to meet your emergency calling needs, and to make the necessary arrangements for accessing emergency calling services, such as maintaining a traditional phone line or cellular (mobile) phone as a backup means for your emergency calls. By entering into this Agreement, You will be presumed to have assumed the risk of losing 911 emergency dialling capabilities and agree to provide your telephone number and other identifying information to 911 emergency authorities as you deem necessary (in your sole opinion and discretion) in case of an emergency. LLAMAYAHORRA.COM assumes no liability for the failure of E911 to perform and assumes no liability if you move and do not update your E911 address information.

SECTION 12b - Limitations of Emergency Calling – 911 Dialling

LLAMAYAHORRA.COM depends upon certain third parties to provide 911 emergencies Service and is thus subject to their network implementation and deployment schedules. Consequently, E911 emergency Service may be limited or unavailable in certain geographic areas until these third parties have completed this implementation and deployment. When you sign-up for the Service, we will advise you of the kind of 911 emergency Service, E911 or basic 911, that will be available with your Service. In addition, you may view your account information on our website, which specifies the kind of 911 emergency Service you have. When there is a problem validating your information and/or address or you are identified with an international location, your 911 emergency call will be sent to the national emergency call center. In addition, emergency personnel will not receive your telephone number or know your physical location when your 911 emergency call is routed to the national emergency call center. Routing to a national emergency call center could substantially delay the response of emergency service providers or could result in no emergency service being provided to you at all.

Circumstances in which LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s 911 and E911 Emergency Service may be Limited or unavailable include (but not limited to) the following:

  1. If your Digital Subscriber Line (“DSL”), cable modem, or other broadband access connections are disconnected, suspended, or interrupted for any reason, including electric power failures;
  2. If you relocate or move the LLAMAYAHORRA.COM Adapter to a location other than the one that you registered with us or if you otherwise disconnect or modify the LLAMAYAHORRA.COM Adapter;
  3. If you change your telephone number or if you add new telephone numbers to your account, and do not successfully register your location of use for each changed or newly added telephone number;
  4. If there are delays or disruptions of Service in the network or Services of LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s E911 underlying service provider;
  5. If there is network congestion and/or a reduction in network speed; or
  6. If Service is interrupted or terminated for any reason, including the suspension or termination of your account with us or with your broadband access supplier.

While LLAMAYAHORRA.COM will make commercially reasonable efforts to minimize the disruptive effects of LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s Service interruptions, degradations, or outages, it makes no guarantees or assurances that these will not occur. Such commercially reasonable efforts are LLAMAYAHORRA.COM ’s sole obligation regarding such interruptions. Such outages or other Service disruptions may include loss of 911 emergency Service dialling capabilities for extended periods of time.

Furthermore, home alarm systems, fax machines and other devices that attach to your home computers, local telephone service, cable system or other devices may not work with the Service. You are solely responsible for testing the operation of your home alarm systems, fax machines or other devices that you attach to the Service.


Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for any indirect, consequential, special, incidental, reliance or punitive damages of any kind or nature whatsoever including, without limitation, any lost profits, lost revenues, lost savings or any other business loss including goodwill, loss of use of property, loss of data, cost of substitute performance equipment or services, downtime costs and claims of customer for damages or harm to business, regardless of the foreseeability thereof and regardless of whether damages are caused by the willful misconduct, negligent act or omission or wrongful act arising from or related to this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, a Party's out-of-pocket costs for damages of the kinds specified in the preceding sentence which are recovered from such Party by a third party shall be deemed to be indirect damages to such Party and each Party hereby releases the other Party, and their respective officers, directors, managers, employees, and agents, from damages from such claim(s), except to the extent such damages are part of claims for which indemnification is due under Sections 13 herein. Customer's sole remedy for the failure of non-performance of LLAMAYAHORRA.COM and/or the Service shall be to receive credits as set forth in this Agreement. THE ENTIRE LIABILITY OF LLAMAYAHORRA.COM AND CUSTOMER'S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR CLAIMS ARISING UNDER OR IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE LESSER OF DIRECT DAMAGES OR THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BY CUSTOMER TO LLAMAYAHORRA.COM DURING THE PREVIOUS THREE (3) MONTHS FOR THE SERVICE(S). The foregoing limitations apply to all causes of action and claims of any kind arising out of or related to this Agreement including any amendments and Service Order(s), including, without limitation, breach of contract, breach of warranty, strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation or any other tort. Customer acknowledges and accepts the reasonableness of the disclaimers and limitations of liability set forth herein.


Parties agree to use the dispute resolution procedures set forth in this Section with respect to any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or its breach.

Upon thirty (30) days written notice, either Party may submit disputes to binding arbitration by a single arbitrator with a professional arbitration service selected by the Parties. If the Parties do not otherwise agree on an arbitration service, such services shall be provided pursuant to the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") Commercial Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures. The costs of arbitration, including the fees and expenses of the arbitrator, shall be paid equally by the Parties. Each Party shall bear the cost of preparing and presenting its case. The Parties agree that Fulton County, Georgia shall be the location for the arbitration hearing.

The Parties agree that this Section 17 and the arbitrator's authority to grant relief shall be subject to the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. 1-16, et seq. ("FAA"), the provisions of this Agreement, and the AAA Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes. The Parties agree that the arbitrator shall have no power or authority to make any award that provides for punitive or exemplary damages or damages otherwise limited or excluded in this Agreement. The arbitrator's decision shall be final and binding. The award may be confirmed and enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. All post-award proceedings shall be governed by the FAA.


Customer may not assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of LLAMAYAHORRA.COM . Any request by Customer for such consent from LLAMAYAHORRA.COM shall be directed to LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's address for the delivery of notices. Any such assignment without LLAMAYAHORRA.COM 's prior written consent shall be void.


Notices under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered via traceable means by courier (e.g., Federal Express, DHL), certified mail (return receipt requested) to the following address and such notice shall be effective on the date of receipt by LLAMAYAHORRA.COM :

LlamayAhorra.9375 Fountainebleau BLVD #L103 Miami, FL 30172

Ph: +1.305.705.6664

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